Books are nice. I really enjoy sitting in the garden of my parents reading a book – something I’ve done a lot in my life.

But giving away books to friends is maybe just as nice: it is nice to give, and also good to save space for books I haven’t read or that I really want to keep. (Yes, I know, it may be a waste of money to give away books – but then it is also a waste of money to see movies in cinemas).

However, I think, writing a personal message in a book is the most important thing. A book with a nice message is a gift for life. Some day, you’ll get it out of your book case, read their carefully thought lines, smile, and remember the occasion when they were written. One I enjoyed writing: “pour un amour uncertain“, “for an insecure love“, to a girl I had a short-lived, yet beautiful, love relationship with. I never asked whether she liked the message though!