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Books are nice. I really enjoy sitting in the garden of my parents reading a book – something I’ve done a lot in my life.

But giving away books to friends is maybe just as nice: it is nice to give, and also good to save space for books I haven’t read or that I really want to keep. (Yes, I know, it may be a waste of money to give away books – but then it is also a waste of money to see movies in cinemas).

However, I think, writing a personal message in a book is the most important thing. A book with a nice message is a gift for life. Some day, you’ll get it out of your book case, read their carefully thought lines, smile, and remember the occasion when they were written. One I enjoyed writing: “pour un amour uncertain“, “for an insecure love“, to a girl I had a short-lived, yet beautiful, love relationship with. I never asked whether she liked the message though!


People make life interesting

I have a younger sister. But I also have an ‘adopted’ sister, who’s not really my adopted sister (although I once cheekily ¬†convinced a friend I do have one), but ‘just’ a very good friend of mine. Anyway, in some way we came to this quote as our shared life motto. Because it is true. Jobs can be interesting. Travelling can be interesting. The people we know can hurt us. But in the end, it is our partners, friends and family, the great intense moment we live with them, that make our lives so worthwile.