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I’ve been very silent here over the last two weeks. Originally, I started this blog to get myself started, when I was in a lazy period. Interestingly, it did work. As I started the habit to daily blog, I have gotten more and more active outside that as well. At present, all my personal projects are up and running in a way better fashion than when I started writing.


Basically, I entered my flow. Flow is one of my favourite concepts. My own favourite are the writing flows I’ve been experiencing a lot over the last weeks. Especially in the evening, my fingers just run over my keyboard, writing posts for this blogs, emails to friends, articles and application letters.

I think it’s even a bit similar to a runner’s high. Everybody who has ran a race knows there’s a moment where you don’t feel tired, when you got really in it and it just feels like the street is passing under your feet automatically.

And flow is also the topic of one of my favourite TED talks, by an Hungarian-American professor with a terribly difificult name: Mihaly Csikszentmihaly.


Books are nice. I really enjoy sitting in the garden of my parents reading a book – something I’ve done a lot in my life.

But giving away books to friends is maybe just as nice: it is nice to give, and also good to save space for books I haven’t read or that I really want to keep. (Yes, I know, it may be a waste of money to give away books – but then it is also a waste of money to see movies in cinemas).

However, I think, writing a personal message in a book is the most important thing. A book with a nice message is a gift for life. Some day, you’ll get it out of your book case, read their carefully thought lines, smile, and remember the occasion when they were written. One I enjoyed writing: “pour un amour uncertain“, “for an insecure love“, to a girl I had a short-lived, yet beautiful, love relationship with. I never asked whether she liked the message though!

I like new ideas. The moment you come up with something new is absolutely amazing.

It can be anything: a witty joke, a topic for an article, the meaning of a certain word, the planning of your day, a solution you’ve been facing for a while. Thinking,┬áthe moment of discovery, is a great sensation.

I have two favourite places to think. The shower is definitely my number one. With the warm water running, and myself waking up for a new day, I somehow feel stimulated to reflect on small daily issues. The other one is my bike. Here it is probably the movement, the energy I generate, that simultaneously moves my legs and my brain.